About Me!

About me....

Thats a tough one!

I live in the North West of England, married to Annette, two dogs (Bedlington Terriers, Max & Dino) and a cat (Percy)

Im a control systems engineer - which basically means I write software to control production plants, water treatment works etc.

I was brought up with Landys but didnt pass my test until 23 and ended up with a rust bucket Cavalier. Then 4 years ago got the bug and bought my 90. I wouldnt be without it now and cant ever imagine driving another vehicle other than a Landy.

About my landy

I bought my Landy in 1998 from High Peak 4x4 in Derbyshire. Its a white 1989 90CSW. It did have a 2.5TD engine which after a couple of years died and has now got a much nicer 200TDi engine fitted.

It has NAS style front and rear lights fitted, NAS marker lamps as well as halogen main lights.

Future projects/Wish List

Bonnet mounted spare wheel

CB radio

High-lift jack

Disc braked rear axle

And anything else I can think of!